Consulting appointments

for issues related to reservations

Consulting service

If you are experiencing difficulties and problems with short-term leases and are looking for a solution, we can help you through a Business appointment.

Examples of Problems That Can Be Solved with Consulting Appointments

  • You start now, but you don’t know how to get started and how to manage it effectively.
  • Ways to Increase Bookings and Turnover in Your Accommodation
  • Ways to become independent of rental platforms and have your own reservations.
  • Removing obstacles that prevent you from having reservations
  • Eliminate Problems With Your Posts on Platforms
  • Suggestions for a proper and competitive price plan aiming at more bookings
  • Accommodation Evaluation BEFORE dealing with short-term leases: is it worth it? What will it yield in the end? 

Ensuring the Integrity of the Accommodation While You Have Reservations

  • Proper management of a reservation so that nothing happens, ever.
  • Proper Money Management Procedures and Payments for Platforms and Non-Platforms
  • Proper cancellation management procedures, everything that applies to platforms, and beyond.

Appointments are made at our office, 4 Riga Fereou Street in Alimos, Athens. The cost for a business appointment is 30 € + VAT. All credit and debit cards of Greek Banks, as well as Paypal, are accepted. Although there is accumulated experience for legal or tax issues due to the many years of dealing with the subject, you should normally talk to the relevant professional experts, i.e., lawyers and accountants.