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(We remind you that we are not a real estate agency and that as far as Managing* is concerned we do not undertake apartments). 



We focus on promoting your property, with the goal of bringing in as many bookings as possible during the season. We manage the reservations with all that entails but limit ourselves to the point where the tenant arrives at the property to check-in. At this point the responsibility is passed to the owner who will take over the management of the actual stay (arrival, departure, cleaning, questions, guidance, urgent matters during stay etc.)

Our partnerships are exclusive, and all bookings and Marketing will be managed entirely by our office.

The villas mansions or the cottages that we undertake for management must have the following characteristics:

Independent detached house (whole house: no apartment, no maisonette apartment) where:

  1. a) either it definitely has a swimming pool that operates, and the location of the house is in a tourist island or mainland area,
  2. b) or is located by the sea, or very near the sea overlooking it, 
  3. c) or both.
  • It should be located relatively close to a residential area (e.g. village, settlement) that provides the necessities for a decent stay (banks, gas station, market, taverns).
  • Others do not stay at the same time (nor the owners) during the short-term rental period
  • To be in perfect overall appearance perfect functionality and general condition, and has to be maintained while being rented
  • Easy access at home, by a well-maintained road (by car or motorcycle)
  • Near port and / or airport (two – at most two and a half hours by car from the nearest airport)
  • With the ability to accommodate at least 6 people, with at least 3 bedrooms and at least 2 WCs where one has a bathtub or shower
  • With air conditioning and heating in all areas
  • With private parking
  • With wireless Internet ( Wi-Fi ) and / or Satellite TV
  • Available for rent all summer months, from May to October, and sometimes in the fall
  • With the owner having irrevocably decided that a) he will dispose of the property exclusively for short-term rentals for at least for the coming summer season and b) he will ensure that the property is photographed by a professional photographer who specializes in real estate photography of this type.


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