“Several of my clients’ properties achieve turnover over € 50,000.”


Vacation home rentals

Experience + goals = results


For the past 16 years, the most important aspects when managing vacation rental villas and mansions were to secure the integrity of the property, to eliminate or at least minimize exposure to unpleasant incidents during stays, to ensure the correct procedures from check-in to check-out, to maximize occupancy on mid and low season while securing high season, and to increase the owner’s bottom line while minimizing losses. 

I am particularly successful in all these, and most importantly in normalizing situations with unhappy property owners, disappointed from large faceless vacation rental management companies with poor if any customer service, insufficient property cleaning and tenant complaints, complete lack of knowledge on the subject of vacation rentals, and inability to solve problems they created by their lack of interest.

If you have concerns on any of the above and you want to talk to someone, then connect with me on LinkedIn, or Facebook, e-mail me at: support ‘at’, or call me on +30 210 9810348 during office hours.

Kostandinos J. Papachatzis